Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers is a term commonly used to describe a wide range of standardised multimodal freight transport equipment.

The term multimodal means that they can be transported on and transferred easily between a range of transport modes such as road haulage, trains and container ships. They are based on a standard size called a TEU or 20ft Equivalent Unit and are most commonly 20ft or 40ft long, although 10ft and 45ft versions are available on some routes.

Anyone can book a shipping container. They are commonly used for household removals as well as commercial cargo.

Being so versatile, shipping in containers has seen a steady growth, they are used for a wide range of goods shipped around the world, transported on huge container ships, with the new generation being able to carry in excess of 18,000 TEUs.

Most containers are owned by the shipping lines and are returned to the nearest port once the goods have been unloaded. The alternative is a Shipper’s Own Container and as the name suggests the container is the property of the shipper, the advantage is the container will stay with the customer once it is unloaded. Shipping containers make excellent storage units and can be purchased quite cheaply. Containers that are to be used for shipping must be CSC plated to show that it is OK to travel. CSC stands for Container Safety Convention. If you have your own container or need to purchase a container as part of the shipping Beat My Freight Quote can help you get the best prices.

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